The Napkins project : A

// A // - Bacon situation - It looks so delicious till you can’t resist. You can’t stop eating bacon. Then feel guilty afterward and swear you will never do it again. But you can’t fight the feeling. Even though there was a warning from the beginning that it’s bad for your health and heart. However there is also trace of good memories, I chose to remember “A” among those remembrances and left the bacon situation behind.

The Napkins project

// The Napkins project // I would like to capture memories of people that I have had so far in my life through a personal project, which I will hand embroider letters from A - Z on napkins. Each character represents initial of people I know or used to know. The appearances of napkins are reflection of my memories of them. It will be square shape journal in textile version. No plan No return Hand embroidery …These are my rules. There is no plan in advance. I won’t have overall picture on a person, who will represent each initial or how twenty-six napkins going to look like together. It will be spontaneous decision on name, embroidery technique and appearance. But some sketch will be done befo

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