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Textile Techniques and Materials Study

Master's degree exam project, MFA Textile Design
Konstfack 2015


The scene of a local motorcycle taxi driver hand-knitting a small fishing net at his stand next to a canal will never fade away from my childhood memory. It was the first time I saw the life behind the fishing net. I’ve reconsidered the fishing net with curiosity and nostalgia throughout my textile practice. Behind its mesh and diamond-shaped structure, I see the craftsmanship and the story of its creation. 


I want to preserve and encourage these precious values in the net with my Master's project, Sitting with The Fisherman. The fishing net is reinterpreted for everyday life as a sitting circle with a trace of stories within it. This project will be a pilot idea for others in different contexts to preserve their precious traditional craftsmanship and to keep it alive by transforming the skill and technique into an innovation. By using ocean waste materials and other environmentally friendly composite materials.


via Konstfack

awarded Global Swede 2015

the project also features in The Way We Play, ARTSTHREAD and Sveriges Radio

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