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        The scene of a local motorcycle taxi driver hand-knitting a small fishing net at his stand next to a canal will never fade away from my childhood memory. It was the first time I saw the life behind the fishing net.


Throughout my textile practice, I’ve reconsidered the fishing net with curiosity and nostalgia. Behind its mesh and diamond shaped structure, I see craftsmanship and the story of its creation. I would like to preserve and encourage these precious values in the net with my Master project Sitting with The Fisherman. The fishing net is reinterpreted to everyday life with a trace of stories within it. As a tool to gather people together like fishing net does in fisherman village. This project will be a pilot idea to others in different contexts, to preserve their precious traditional craftsmanship, to keep it alive by transforming the skill and technique to a new interpretation.


via Konstfack

awarded Global Swede 2015

the project also features in The Way We Play, ARTSTHREAD and Sveriges Radio

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