MARINE LIFE : Sea Turtles, Plastic bag and Jellyfish

Duo design canvas bags, screen printing   

Spring/Summer 2020


A collaboration project AIKA Atelier x 99/BAGS

Stockholm, Sweden

Marine Life concept aims to bring attention to the harm of human  plastic consumption behaviour to marine lives.

The designs subtly  tells a narrative about Sea Turtles, Plastic bag and Jellyfish through  the patterns.  

Jellyfish is one of sea turtle food, but they couldn’t differentiate  plastic bag from jellyfish. The sea turtle life was taken by mistakenly consumes a single-use plastic bag that looks similar to their food. Like many other marine lives, their lives ended by erroneously consuming human waste plastic in the ocean.  


Combining with AIKA's illusion signature the duo print designs are an interpretation of turtle shell silhouettes

and outlines, which rearranged to create illusions.

Accent colour elements of  jellyfish shape and strips borrow from wooden beach chair's  canvas pattern enhance the design and concept.