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was selected to be a part of Konstfack Textil exhibition in Greenhouse at Stockholmsmässan, Stockholm  furniture fair 2015


        Behind the rush blind, when things happen too fast. There are the pleasant small elements to enjoy in present. The project offers slowness to the commuter of Telefonplan station by invites them to participate in quality experience...  


This project starts with a small element in their everyday life. The commuter has a chance to experience slowness pleasure of the routine journey. Using fishing net in this project not only help to develop the making process in my Master project “Knitting with The Fisher man” in the future. But it is also metaphor for forgotten present of people, who being trap by technology, rush and their own thought.                                                      

As fisherman’s net drying process, the installation of blow up size net that made from Toile was hanged on street light post to catch attention from commuter. The fishing net continues to cover some part of a walking passage with invitational note on the floor. This unfinished net lets commuter participate on making another mesh. Commuter could slow down and spend extra few minute create touchable object or a least slow down and observe new decoration of their routine passage. The blow up size fishing net installation represents the beautifulness

of present.  



6 November 2014    -    Telefonplan, Stockholm SWEDEN


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