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Reflective bag  

Autumn/Winter 2019


A collaboration project AIKA Atelier x 99/BAGS

Stockholm, Sweden


The client specialises in the reflective textile bag and intended to launch a third generation of the tote bag with print design. Aiming to promote traffic safety and use functional reflective textile out in public.


The crosswalk and pedestrian movement inspired the flow pattern. The design highlights the aspect of traffic safety through the pattern of a functional reflective bag by integrating crosswalks into the textile pattern design. 

A new reinterpretation of the crosswalks comes in flowy hand-drawn rectangular silhouettes and a simplified outline. The flowy crosswalks are arranged to form a three-dimensional illusion, AIKA's signature 3D illusion. The white pattern on a grey-ish background offers three different appearances with different kinds of lights. The white Flow pattern will appear black when car headlights flash

on the bag.


The design aims to maximise the properties of reflective textile and textile screen printing colour, creating the least defective products during production at the minimum cost.

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